The CrimeStopper Camaro

A native of Corpus Christi, Texas, Terry Labonte is a familiar fixture on the NASCAR circuit. The 22-year NASCAR veteran known as the "Ice Man" has 21 victories, 172 Top Five's, and 330 Top 10 finishes to his credit. Labonte is nearing the $20 million mark in career winnings, with $19,912,093 in the bag, including $1,330,731 in 1999 through July 25. "Texas Terry", along with brother Bobby, is a part of the only brother duo to win championships in two major NASCAR series. Labonte is a teammate of reigning champion Jeff Gordon and Wally Dallenbach. Terry LaBonte, driver of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo Kellogg's Corn Flakes No. 5 car, is a member of the Hendrick Motorsports Team, and a true NASCAR champion.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair (Heisman trophy winner) offers his support to Warren County DARE officer Joe Jakub.

The CrimeStopper and approximately 100 Warren County DARE kids get ready to transport Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network Banner to Center Court of Greenwood Mall. This aired on the Oprah show nationwide on March 3, 1998. Were they really on the Oprah Show on March 3rd, 1998?? You Bet they were!!!

Project NOAH's Executive Director Mr. Maxwell and partner "Sheba". Now that's a really Big Cat.

DARE celebrity lunch at Cumberland Trace School. Is that WBKO's Amy Bingham?

WBKO's weatherman Jeff Noble explains how drugs are bad at a Lost River Elementary DARE Celebrity Luncheon.

Kenny Perry, Golf Pro admires the "CrimeStopper Camaro" and the neat message it sends to kids of all ages.

Lori Townsend, WKU Lady Topper, signing autographs at a DARE Celebrity Luncheon in Lost River Elementary School.

Rockfield Elementary celebrity lunch. Principal Everett Leasor watches DARE kids.

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