1996 National DARE Car of the Year

Mattel's 1st Millennium Matchbox
Collectable our DARE Camaro
(pictured below)
watch for details in October on how you can get one of the limited edition, signature series cars for your collection.

Some Police Officers are called K-9 Officers
(those who have dogs). Well what would
you call Captain Jakub's partner...
A 600lb Big Cat.

The Crimestopper Camaro Celebrity Page


This unique Camaro was a General Motors test & development vehicle used during 1995 to tour various law enforcement auto shows across the U.S.A. The final show show that the vehicle was displayed was the "National Chiefs of Police Show" (10/95) in Miami, Florida.
The G.M. Corporation made this show vehicle available to the Crime Prevention Unit of the Warren County Sheriff's Department. The unusual Warren County Prevention Partnership provided strong support for this project and was responsible for making the CRIMESTOPPER plus its programs a reality.

The CRIMESTOPPER was unveiled in a magnificent ceremony at the prestigious National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Friday, December 1, 1995. Over two hundred D.A.R.E. students, community leaders, law enforcement officials, plus media from Bowling Green, Nashville, and Louisville were in attendance.

The local ABC affiliate, WBKO-13, covered and taped the event for a future spot on the popular early morning show "Good Morning America".


The spectacular graphics on this unique vehicle were developed in an effort to display the pride of the citizens of Warren County and in our great country, the United Stated of America. Renowned graphic artist Glen Weisgerber, President of Glen Designs of Edison, New Jersey, along with Captain Joe Jakub, created the CRIMESTOPPER appearance. The flowing flag streaming down the sides of the Camaro complimented by the unusual design on the hood was developed focusing on the spirit of prevention and the nickname of the car, the CRIMESTOPPER. The vehicle will help to stop crime, so the concept was used that criminals will end up in jail with concrete floors. The concrete is cracked, demonstrating he breaking up of crime. STOPPER is placed over CRIME to convey wiping it out. You attention should be directed to a special art and technique ... The hand-painted, 23 carat gold inlaid paint scheme. Glen's unique airbrush talent of 27 years was donated to create a spectacular drug awareness theme. The exterior paint finish is complemented by the specialized interior trim provided by Delphi Interior & Lighting of Warren, Michigan. The seating design was created and fabricated by Delphi, drawing you to the patriotic flag theme of the CRIMESTOPPER. Adding to the outstanding external visual packaging are the tri-spoke super outstanding chrome wheels by Prime Wheel of California, plus the ultimate multi-strobe diagnostic lighting package developed by Whelen Engineering. There are several other state of the art systems on board the CRIMESTOPPER such as Motorola Micro T.A.C. Elite Cellular by Bluegrass Cellular, Applied Concepts newly released Stalker front and rear tracking radar units, and Police Video Systems spectacular color video camera. Motorola 2 way radios were made available and the total electronics package was installed by Mobile Communications of Bowling Green. The theme continues under the hood of the CRIMESTOPPER with Holley Performance providing power coated (red, white, and blue) appointments. The CRIMESTOPPER runs better than it looks. The Corvette LT-1 high performance engine in complemented by Callaway's air induction system, Borla's competition stainless steel exhaust, American Axle's unique prototype drive shaft and 3:73 ratio high performance racing axle. The LT-1 receives a major horsepower boost with a special NOS nitrous oxide injection system that launches the CRIMESTOPPER to well over 500 horsepower. Hypertek's computer power tuning refines all the various components to take full advantage of the high powered LT-1 Corvette engine. B.F. Goodrich Racing is providing state of the art ZR high speed tires developed to keep the CRIMESTOPPER on the road. The increased performance for the CRIMESTOPPER will be unbelievable, making it the ultimate crime prevention / marketing tool. The Warren County Prevention Partnership Program continues to grow from coast to coast along with the new emerging educational programs. This is truly an exciting time for all the children who will benefit from this partnership. The ultimate goal of the CRIMESTOPPER is to capture the attention of our youth and to lead them toward a productive life through educational programs provided by the Warren County Sheriff's Department Crime Prevention Unit in conjunction with our extensive and unique Prevention Partnership.

Seats by Delphi

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