Warren County Kids

The new "Parents Racing To Beat Drugs" program draws a lot of
Mom's and Dad's out to show their kids they really know how to
Race To Beat Drugs !!

At the recent 1999/2000 school year kick off for Race To Beat Drugs
the families who came were invited to race their kids on the track.
Believe it or not the Mom's and Dad's pictured above were Awesome racers!!
Move over Dale Earnhart here comes the Warren County DARE Families!!

Race To Beat Drugs Air Force Pace Jet.
Boy Do the cars and kids go that fast??

Official State Police Pace Car leading the DARE kids around
the track for the Finals.

Race World President Spivey William's congratulating and
presenting a trophy to the winners of the
1999 Final Race To Beat Drugs event.

Captain Jakub aka the DARE Dude will never beat the kids
in this car, but the Camaro is a different story.

Representatives from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines
and the Sheriff's Department all Racing To Beat Drugs together.
Go Team Go !!

Jim Ross, Principal of Oakland Elementary, the DARE Dude,
Sheriff Peanuts Gaines, Ms. Carnes, Teacher from North
Warren Elementary, Linda Pawley, Jim Johnson Pontiac, Master Sgt.
Lawerence, Air Force Recruiter, and Petty Officer Terry Kunkle,
NavyRecruiter all working towards a common goal - trying to keep
our kids off drugs and away from violence.
This drug free team is really awesome.

Place: RACE WORLD Bowling Green, KY

North Warren Elementary teacher Nicky Jordan
Racing To Beat Drugs and the DARE students.

North Warren Elementary 6th grade teacher
Ms. Carnes races to victory against the
6th grade DARE students of the week.

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