Almost 60% of crimes occur in the daylight hours.

Thirteen percent of the crimes reported to police are violent crimes and 87% are property crimes.

Follow these tips for personal safety

No one likes to think about becoming the victim of a crime. But every day houses are broken into, purses get stolen, and people are robbed at bank machines. In fact, a violent crime occurs about every 17 seconds in this country. How can you protect yourself? Being prepared can help.

Practice Safety at Home

If you were locked out of your house, would you still be able to get in? Maybe you keep a window unlocked in the back, or a hidden key on top of a window ledge.

You may think this is a good idea, but guess what? If you can break in, so can a burglar.

One out of ten houses will be broken into this year, Here are tips for protecting your home.

Follow these rules of the road:

Car-related crimes are on the rise. To protect yourself in your car, follow these rules:

Beware at the Bank!

ATMs (automated teller machines) are a criminals dream. It's best to avoid using one at night, but if you have to, follow these safety tips:

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