Ms. Nicole Anderson, former Warren County DARE student essay winner now has achieved her dreams and is a high fashion model working not only in the USA, but Europe as well. This photo is the front page feature in a current issue of an upscale magazine in Paris, France.


I was one of the first DARE graduates in the state of Kentucky. I went through the program at White Hall Elementary in Richmond, Kentucky. I still remember my DARE Officer's name .... Willard Reardon ... and that just shows how much of an impact he had on me because there are several teachers I have had long after 6th grade and I don't even remember their names! I know how important DARE is but I also know how important it is for the students to decide if they are going to apply the principles of DARE to their lives. I learned this because my first "Boyfriend" I use to that term loosely because we were only in Middle school and our relationship consisted of school dances .. was SHOT and KILLED over a DRUG DEAL. He had DARE in school too...but he got involved with drugs and dealing and I believe ultimately lost his life because of that. The last time I spoke to him was probably in 1992 as we passed in the hallway in high school. Last summer he was KILLED. DARE is a great foundation...but it is the students who must ultimately decide if they will build on it with good choices.