Bedford, Indiana DARE Officer Steve Gilbert thanks Captain Joe Jakub for the inspiration as he unveils his 1999 Camaro DARE car.

Officer Gilbert proudly shows off his new 1999 DARE Camaro....Is this a COOL Camaro or What? AWESOME Officer Gilbert, AWESOME!!!

Kentucky State Police Sergeant Don Pillow, First DARE Officer to provide the DARE program to Warren County Schools.

Sgt. Darrel Manlove, DARE Officer from Whitehouse Tennessee with his 1995 DUI Drug Seized Chevrolet Camaro. Much like the "CrimeStopper Camaro" this DARE car was built through community involvement and donations.

DARE Officer Bullitt County, Kentucky, Steve Estes, Deputy Sheriff

Officer Bill Eichler, Kentucky's 1998 DARE Officer of the Year thanks Captain Jakub for coming to his DARE camp.