Judge Executive Mike Buchanon talks about the Partnership to the over
500 dignitaries, DARE students, teachers, and principals that attended
the unveiling ceremony at the National Corvette Museum


This is the real reason that the Prevention Partnership exists...our Kids.
May God Bless Them and Keep Them Drug Free forever!!


Air Force, Army, Navy, and our Sheriff's Department proudly standing by the
"American Spirit" at the unveiling ceremony at the National Corvette Museum.


As Luis helps Judge Executive Buchanon mount the American Spirit,
Captain Jakub and two Kentucky State Troopers stand by ready to
give chase to the Judge. Judge Buchanon gives a new twist
to the old phase "Here comes Da Judge"!!


Yeeeehaaa!!! Hi-Yo Silver,  Away!!!  Can this be the Lone Ranger?


Veterans Day, November 11th, 1999 the American Spirit Harley
unveiled to over 500 DARE kids, media and dignitaries
that were in attendance. Awesome, Just Awesome!!!


Look at the kids mesmerized by that Paint on the bike and helmet. Wow!!


If we were Captain Jakub we would be smiling too. He said
"It's a tough job but someone has got ride it and it should be
the project director. Oh yeh!!, that's me! "Lucky Guy !!".


Sheriff Jerry "Peanuts" Gaines and Judge Buchanon stand back and
admire the "American Spirit" unveiled on this Veterans Day
honoring the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.
"God Bless America"