Captain Jakub, Sheriff Gaines, and Judge Buchanon doing "Good Morning America" hello for ABC-TV at the "CrimeStopper" Camaro's grand unveiling in the National Corvette Museum.

General Barry R. McCaffrey
Director Office of National Drug Control Policy
Executive Office of the President of the United States
congratulates Captain Jakub on the efforts of the Warren
County Prevention Partnership at the 1998 World Drug Conference.

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Speaker of the House, Honorable Jody Richards adds his support and thanks for the efforts that the Partnership has put forth in the drug prevention area.

Kentucky Congressman Ron Lewis offers his support to Captain Jakub and the Warren County DARE program.

U.S. Senator Wendell Ford congratulates Captain Jakub for his efforts in drug prevention and unique prevention partnership.

Senator Brett Guthrie is behind the Warren County Prevention
Partnership 100% and attended the 1st DARE Celebration with
all the other guests.

Warren Circuit Judge Margaret Ryan Huddleston deals with family
situations in her courtroom involving drugs and violence every day.
She truly appreciates the efforts of the Partnership in regards to
the drug and violence prevention programs.

Mr. Don Harris of EDS Corporation shows off Drug Prevention Program developed for
the Warren County Elementary DARE kids and Captain Jakub.

Prime Wheels Marketing Manager Cliff Brodie (left) watching Vice President Webb Carter congratulate Captain Jakub for his efforts on drug prevention.

President & CEO Alex Borla accepts a Warren County Photo Plaque for his efforts in building a competition exhaust system for the awesome Camaro.