1999 DARE Essay

Written by a Warren County anonymous Sixth Grade 10 year old DARE graduate

I think DARE is great. Whoever came up with this program is a hero in my time. I have had plenty of experience with drugs. My Mom is a so-called recovering alcoholic and drug addict. When I say so-called, I mean that she has tried a lot to fully recover but it is just too hard for her, and so far, she has always ended up back on the drugs and alcohol. My life's been an up and down roller coaster, but DARE has taught me not to follow in my Mom's footsteps. Captain Jakub taught us that there are consequences to doing drugs, like getting arrested, blacking out, and even dying. He has also taught us not to drink alcohol. They tell us that if you drink you might not only hurt yourself, but you might hurt your friends and family - not just physically, but emotionally too. Drinking and drugging are horrible habits. It ruins trust between you and your loved ones. Take it from me. When my Mom drank and drugged and got violent it ended up with us calling the police (like usual) and someone getting hurt (usually Daddy), we wouldn't want to be known as her relatives. But she would come back acting like she was all better, and after we were just starting to gain her trust again she would do it again. The DARE program has now taught me not to have anything to do with people like her and to keep strong and sturdy, and not to change my mind because of drugs and alcohol. DARE has given me a better outlook on this situation and life, and has taught me that the choice I make today will be how I want to live my tomorrow.