Written by Joe Orange of Bristow Elementary School, 12/2/99

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Drugs have effected my life intensely. My dad was addicted to drugs until he died from them 3 years ago. 

Some people think it's hard for me to talk about my parents death, but it's not. I've told quite a few people since then.

A few years ago, my dad was so hooked, every once in a while he spent his whole paycheck on drugs. He had recently been in a car wreck which was a direct result of using drugs. My mom was working at a bar at the time and we were barely hanging on because we were paying doctor bills from the wreck.

Later on, my mom made my dad live with one of his friends. Of course he was on drugs too. My mom got a boyfriend and one night he came over, the next morning, a big trauma occurred. 

About six o-clock the next morning, the day my mom planned to get the divorce papers, my dad shot her, then shot himself.

I saw it all, him sitting on her, her screaming, him shooting her, then he shot himself. Then he fell to the couch.

My sisters, their friend Kami, and I all ran across the road to their bus driver's house, and he called the police. Shortly after, the police arrived. They called my aunt who lived nearby and she took us to her house. 

Two days later, we went to Louisville to see them for the last time alive. After that we went to our cousin's house, and the next morning they died. 

The funeral was shortly after. I didn't go to see either of them buried. I was too sad. 

Take it from me, nothing good can come from drugs. You must believe me. The thought of my parents dying is always in the back of my mind. 

We can all be thankful for the things we have in life, I'm now living happily with my two cousins, Robin and David Daniels who treat me very well. They will never know how much I appreciate them.